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Kara Deniese Loseo-Navales,
RPm, LPT, MSc Psychology Faculty,
Our Lady of Fatima University - Valenzuela

The transition from face-to-face to continued virtual learning leads to a number of dramatic changes in social and academic connections, motivation and healthy habits. Changes precede students’ stress and burnout (Gonzalez-Ramirez et al., 2021). Further, in a busy world of noise, new normal conditions and social media may hinder us to develop the center of stillness, inner quiet, calmness, thinking clearly and to better manage our emotions and decisions in life aspects (Holiday, 2019). The objectives of this session are to a) discover and appreciate tiny habits that would lead to big difference; b) learn to enjoy the process of continuous small improvements that will determine one’s progress; c) create better habits and break unwanted habits; d) unlock inner stillness, to persevere the things that they can do despite the new learning platform; e) understand and apply the concepts in daily life. The concepts of atomic habits, stillness and its various compounding effects will be presented. Stimulating activities will be utilized and providing students’ autonomy to build habits, to cultivate their own stillness and to foster well-being. Processing will be included how habits work and how one’s stillness produce remarkable results as the traditional school moved to a full remote learning environment. About the Facilitator: Ms. Kara Deniese Isabella Loseo-Navales is a registered psychometrician and licensed professional teacher. She obtained her Masteral Degree in Clinical Psychology from De La Salle University. She is currently a Psychology professor in Our Lady of Fatima UniversityValenzuela campus. She has been working in the academe for 13 years. She was a former psychometrician and a Basic Education Faculty. Her research interests are in the areas of positive psychology, developmental psychology, autonomy, well-being, self-determination, children, adolescents and family.

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