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Franchesca Louise G Nuñez, RPM
Miriam College
Senior Representative, People Operations, Concentrix
Associate, People Solutions, Concentrix

Love and care are just two of the essentials in keeping one’s life going and growing. However, not love alone nor care can be the solution. Kapwa is an impactful factor to one’s journey to self-actualization. In forming to build one’s Future Self is to be conscious and aware of how far one has improved from his/her Past Self. Creating the meaningful gap from the two areas of one’s journey is by the help of today’s self, the Present. Learning objective of this workshop is to discover personal and strategic ways of coping in the challenging times through self-care and love. Moreover, this will prove the person’s level of self-discipline in a social interaction for an individual goal or purpose.

About the Facilitator:
I am Franchesca Louise G. Nuñez. I am called ‘Chesca’. I work at Concentrix Megamall as an Sr Representative, People Operations and will be moving up as an Associate, People Solutions, where I handle Human Resources (HR) internal labor-related cases, administer and implement HR programs, and day-to-day concerns working with key stakeholders. I previously worked with CMG Retail Inc., part of their HR team. I graduated in Miriam College and passed the Board last 2019. I’m the eldest child, adog-lover and I like roadtrips.

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