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Master Teacher II / Social Science HUMSS Focal Person / Social Science Subject Specialist
Department of Education Antipolo City Senior High School

The current experiences among youth is a highlight major adjustments specifically the covid-19 pandemic brought through depressive situations. This workshop will able to attain the following objectives: a) to identify the major causes of teenage depression during new normal b) appreciate valuable ways through intervention program in managing depression through emotional resilience d) integrate the emotional resilience through applied activities, workshop, worksheets to resolve youth depression. The participants will able to participate the expected outputs through group and individual shared experiences, reflections and plan of action realizing emotional resilience. All participants will watch videos on self-meditation and silence meditation. All the topics is anchored from the Mental Health Law. The participants will be submitting their outputs through email to be forwarded to the speaker or PAP secretariat. There will be group assign leaders and share their outputs through group break sessions and the final report presentation for the synthesis and valuing skills for the generalization process.

About the Facilitator:
Dr. Phillip Ramir L. Punzalan is a licensed professional teacher, registered guidance counselor and registered psychometrician. He graduated from University of Rizal System – Morong Rizal with the degree Doctor of Philosophy major in Educational Management with Academic Excellence Award. He also received his Master of Arts in Education major in Guidance and Counseling with academic excellence award at University of Rizal System - Antipolo and 2nd Master’s degree of Arts in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology at Philippine Women’s University Manila. As ofnow, he is a candidate leading to the degree Doctor of Philosophy major in Educational Psychology at La Consolacion University Philippines Malolos, Bulacan. He graduated his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at University of Rizal System Morong with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Leadership, University Leadership Excellence and Service awards.

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