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During the COVID 19 Pandemic, a large systematic scoping review about sleep disorders confirmed that the pandemic and the related protocols that were implemented brought a high burden of sleep disorders across different population group. And when sleep is affected or compromised a person's mental and physical health may deteriorate. This workshop will introduce the attendees to the concept of sleep, insomnia, and some of the basic Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and exercises that they may observe to help themselves or maybe other people to recalibrate their sleep routines. This workshop could hopefully spark some research topic interests from the attending participants.

About the Facilitator: Mr. Santos is a licensed Psychometrician and a Psychologist at the St. Luke’s Medical Center, Taguig City and Quezon City, and at Pathways Psychological Assessment and Professional Learning Center. He is also employed as an Associate Professor at Centro Escolar University, Manila and a Review Specialist at Pathways International Review and Learning Center for Psychometricians and Psychologists. He is a Certified Dementia Rater, a certified Mental Health First Aid Responder, and a certified Montreal Cognitive Assessment Administrator and Scorer. He is also an active member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines and the Dementia Society of the Philippines.

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